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Employment Advice

Are you having problems in the workplace?

Bradical Employment Rights is a charity providing free employment law and procedure advice and assistance to people living in the Birmingham area who are experiencing problems in the workplace.

Our Services

We can assist you with a range of employment issues, such as


Unfair, wrongful, or constructive.


In respect of all protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010.


We can assist you with the whistleblowing process.

Bullying / harassment

Bullying can be described as unwanted behaviour from a person or groups of people.

Pay related issues

For example, issues with holiday pay, notice pay, or unpaid wages.

Determining employment status

Are you confused with your employment or worker status? Let us help

Appeals and Grievances

We can provide assistance with preparing appeal or grievance letters.

Employment contract-related queries

Unsure of our contractual requirements? Do you think your employer has breached their rights? Speak to us.

General employment issues

Please contact us if you have any general work related enquiries.
Experienced and qualified

Our Team

Our service is run by our Advice Supervisor. In addition, we also have student volunteers. Whilst our advice supervisor and almost all of our volunteers have a legal background, they are not lawyers.

Due to the national pandemic and lockdown restrictions, our service is currently being provided by our advice supervisor on a remote basis (see “how to contact us”).

Whilst Bradical Employment Rights has historically represented people in the Employment Tribunal or County Court in a range of hearings, Bradical Employment Rights is not currently offering this service. There may however be occasions where such a service can be offered which will depend on the nature of the case and the availability of our resources.

Although our services are free of charge, we welcome donations to enable our services to continue running.

Please note that our services are not offered to employers or to employees who would otherwise have the funds to seek their own legal advice, whether that be privately arranged, through a trade union, or by having the necessary cover via an insurance policy.

Contact Us

Contact us for a free employment advice

We’ll aim to get back to you within 48 hours.